Even the most well planned career moves can still present challenges.  Especially when that career move involves relocating to a new jurisdiction, even if that jurisdiction happens to be a paradise island.  A big part of our consultants’ role is to be as much of a relocation consultation as they are recruitment consultant – being based offshore is a big advantage in this process.

It is not unusual for a new employee to go through a process of dealing with change and have feelings of doubt and uncertainty before developing the skills, confidence and relationships to be effective in a new environment.  Important transitions between stages can often occur after an initial honeymoon period and a standard on boarding process has been completed.  However there are many ways for employers and employees to better prepare, preempt and manage potential responses to a new role and surroundings.

During the selection process employers (and recruitment consultants) should assess a candidates’ readiness to change/relocate.  Has the candidate done their homework on the new role, firm and life outside of the office

Employers need to listen in order to identify what factors cause a drop in a new employees productivity and what can be done to reduce the impact.  Awareness of the issues is critical, from there employers can give employees the knowledge and tools needed to successfully navigate to a situation where they feel more confident, stable and satisfied.  Such tools come in many different forms; financial support, flexible working, mentor programs, cultural training, social networks, continued on boarding/assimilation, spousal support, community involvement, or simply giving encouragement and ensuring short term successes.  Personality type largely dictates a persons reaction to change and therefore the support given has to be individualised.

Candidates/new employees, ask as many questions as you need to get the information you require to make the transition as smooth as possible. If you are having feelings of doubt remember this is normal, you are not the first person to experience this, it is temporary and there are people around to help you succeed.


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