Sunday February 4th is World Cancer Day, something particularly close to our hearts at Highbury Consulting. The message “We Can. I Can.’, is to raise awareness of what we all can do collectively and as individuals to help prevent and reduce the burden of cancer.

Below are some simple tips to follow from the American Cancer Society

Individuals can:

  • Make healthy lifestyle choices that include avoiding tobacco, getting plenty of physical activity, eating a healthy diet, limiting alcohol, and staying safe in the sun.
  • Know about signs and symptoms of cancer and early detection guidelines because finding cancer early often makes it easier to treat.
  • Support cancer patients and survivors with the physical and emotional impacts of cancer even after treatment ends.
  • Share stories about their own cancer experiences, communicate with decision-makers, and join support groups to help make positive change for all people affected by cancer.
  • When possible, return to work after cancer treatment to restore normality, routine, stability, social contact, and income.

Communities can:

  • Call on governments to commit adequate resources to reduce cancer deaths and provide a better quality of life for patients and survivors.
  • Educate people about the link between lifestyle behaviors – including smoking, poor diet, and lack of physical activity – and cancer risk.
  • Dispel myths that lead to stigma and discrimination against people with cancer in some communities.
  • Encourage schools and workplaces to implement nutrition and physical activity policies that can help people to adopt healthy habits for life.
  • Improve access to affordable cancer health care for all populations.

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