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More than 90% of employers use social media platforms; surely 100% of recruitment consultants use social media.  Therefore social media HAS to be part of your job search tool box.  Social media platforms are not only useful for making connections and accessing information, they are also a great complement to a traditional CV.

For professionals LinkedIn is the number one platform and a must for anyone looking for a new opportunity.  Closely followed by Twitter and Facebook.  Other platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest can also be utilised but arguably these are better suited to more ‘creative’ occupations.

The following tips should help make sure that your social media presence is working for you.

BE PROFESSIONAL.  Social media can really blur the lines between your professional and personal life.  A quick check of your social media profiles is probably the first background check any employer is likely to do.  Before posting anything with your name attached to it think if you would be happy if all of your friends and family could see it.  If you really have to post when you are a little ‘refreshed’ it is probably a good idea to have separate personal and professional profiles.  It is also advisable to avoid, as much as possible, divisive topics such as politics and religion.

Make sure all of the information is up to date, accurate, and grammatically correct.

BE ACTIVE.  Getting the most from social media involves more than simply setting up your profiles and then leaving them.  You have to constantly invest time engaging on the platforms in order to get them working for you.

Like, share, comment, post your own material, retweet as often as possible (within reason).  Even if you have to set reminders initially to get into the habit of frequently interacting on social media.

Be authentic and add value.

KEEP IT RELEVANT.  Follow dream companies, key people in your industry, influencers, thought leaders and participate in relevant groups.  This will make sure that your news feed is full of useful information and people to connect with.  An added bonus of joining social media groups when relocating offshore is not only are they are full of useful information for someone who is relocating but also a great way to start connecting with likeminded people before you arrive in your new home.

When you make connections, why not actually meet in person?

MAKE YOURSELF EASY TO FIND.  If you are looking for a new opportunity and the social media platform allows you to state this, do so.  Make sure your profile contains keywords that potential employers and recruitment consultants are going to be using when sourcing new talent.  Include up to date contact information.

Increasing your visibility and ‘searchability’ could make all the difference in your dream job actually finding you.

Your journey begins here.

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