Hurricane Irma.

It was the worst of times, it was the best of times. Is how Dominic Tonner summed up the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan which hit the Cayman Islands in 2004 in his book Ivan: The Full Story. (apologies if I have misquoted you Dom, it is a while since I read your book).

Now the BVI has been through a similar experience with Hurricane Irma. Slowly we are starting to read stories (with more certain to follow) of incredible experiences, survival and heroics, but overwhelmingly about a community and communities coming together.

Colin Riegels, a Partner in Harneys’ BVI office said in a Linkedin post that he ‘had never loved the people of the Virgin Islands more closely than I did the say after the storm’. People had lost everything yet were working together to start the rebuilding process. We are fortunate enough to have never experienced a life threatening hurricane, but know through other life experiences that we are more capable and resilient than we ever thought when faced with adversity.

In the Cayman Islands we were all glued to the news, horrified at what we were watching but also grateful that our islands were not in the path of Irma.

We are glad to hear that our friends and clients in the BVI are safe and accounted for. Our best wishes go to all those affected by the storm. For those temporarily relocating to the Cayman Islands, if there is anything we can do to assist we would be delighted to do so. Please contact Mike in our Cayman office.