Simon Sinek’s ‘Start With Why’ TED Talk is one of the most successful with over 32 million views. If you haven’t seen it (link below) he explains how great leaders inspire people and organizations inspire people by communicating why they do things rather than what they do.


He uses the above diagram to illustrate his point and calls the inner WHY circle the ‘golden circle’.

Here is the WHY, HOW, WHAT of Highbury Consulting.


Why do we do what we do, what gets us out of bed in the morning?

We want to change people’s lives, simple as that. We believe that any great product or service will change people’s lives. (Believe it or not there are recruiters out there who are interested in more than just fees).


By finding people their dream job in incredible locations and by finding clients their dream employees.

There is a lot that goes in to the HOW; our people, processes and technology. But it can be boiled down to a few key things. Listening. Being easy to deal with. Exceeding expectations. Not disappearing as soon as we receive the placement fee. Doing these things consistently well will help us continue to be trusted advisors to clients and candidates alike.


We do recruitment. We are specialist Legal, IT and Finance recruitment consultants for offshore jurisdictions including the Cayman Islands, BVI, Bermuda, Jersey, Guernsey and Hong Kong.

Watch Simon Sinek’s TED talk here:

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