Do you ever feel like life is on a relentless treadmill?

Get up, commute to work (fingers crossed no delays), fret about meeting billable hours targets, at least 2 if not 3 meals a day at your desk, commute home (if you are lucky at a decent hour and no delays), spend a little bit of time with loved ones, family and friends, sleep and do it all again the day after.  

You get to do this for 5 consecutive days, the reward for which will be 2 days off to recuperate, spend some of your hard earned money and do the jobs you didn’t get chance to do during the week.

It sounds familiar doesn’t it?  That’s life.  

It is fine for a lot of people but we speak to more and more people who are looking for better work-life balance without sacrificing their career dreams.

Living and working in the Cayman Islands seems to be a logical remedy for the stresses of big city living while at the same time being able to pursue professional ambitions.  Those that have made the move have more time in their day to do things outside of the office that they enjoy; making them happier and healthier.  

Perhaps there is more to it than simply more manageable office hours and great weather.  Another possible reason for reduced stress/anxiety is the lack of consumerism and materialism that is par for the course in other parts of the world.  While there is an unmistakable level of prosperity and wealth in offshore jurisdictions, there is no sense of people keeping up with the Jones’.  Does this also help reduce stress and anxiety?  It’s hard to think that it doesn’t at least help.  The shops are closed on a Sunday (in Cayman) for one thing so that is one less chore to do and enforces some level of downtime.

Often we say to candidates considering the move that island life is a great leveller in that it doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, how much you earn, at the end of the day or week everyone will all be wearing shorts and flip flops enjoying the simpler things in life outside of the office.  It is very refreshing for more than one reason!

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