Finding the Right Kind of People

More and more employers are stressing the importance of soft skills in their hiring decisions. Call it what you like, hiring for cultural fit, hiring against values, the All Blacks rugby team have their own terminology which you can look up online, the pros and cons are clear.

We spend a lot of time qualifying candidates to find out what is important to them, what kind of working environment they thrive in and how well they will adapt to island life. If we get it right it is a win-win for everyone, dream job/dream employee. It may be corny but in the service economies we operate it people really are the brand. Finding the right kind of person is good for morale, good for performance and therefore good for business.

This isn’t to say that academics, professional qualifications and city firm pedigree are not important, they are but will not secure you a new role in their own right (or they shouldn’t).

So what are employers looking for? People who are smart, people who are good communicators, people who put the group ahead of themselves, people without inflated egos, people who can work collaboratively with colleagues and clients, people who make people around them feel better, people who are positive and NICE!


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